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2010 international quality and safety control system equipment exhibition

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2010 international quality and safety control system equipment exhibition

 State Schall exhibition is Germany's largest private exhibition company, specializing in hosting a variety of specialized industrial exhibition. Control of international quality control and test industrial equipment exhibition in Germany has been held 23 sessions, the exhibition is the most famous German company Schall Messe trade show, annual, and a sister in Italy and France show. Control decisions for the first time in 2010 moved to Shanghai, China. Days from the Shanghai Business Consulting Co., Ltd. in Guide to host the show.
 Booth Price (yuan / per square meter) 30.12.2009 before 10% discount for full payment
 Side open
 1,600 yuan / square meter
 Standard booth minimum area of ​​90,000 square meters, the minimum area of ​​18 square meters of light to

 Two sides open
 1,700 yuan / square meter

 3 sides open
 1800 yuan / square meter

 Surrounded by open
 1900 yuan / square meter

 2000 Yuan / each
 Vice Exhibitors
 Exhibition free of charge, fees payable Exhibitor List

 * Standard set up
 300 yuan / square meter
 Including wall panels, magnesium board (20 letters or less), each 9 m2 / 2 spotlights, carpet, a round table, four chairs, a desk


 Product quality control system
 Process control systems; intelligent quality control system; automatic system; quality control of data processing; identification systems; quality management system; environmental management system

 Sensors; optical fiber technology testing products; industrial image analysis and processing system; optoelectronic measurement system

 Material testing instruments and equipment
 Destructive (lossy) testing instruments and equipment: test tension, torque, pressure, bending, resistance equipment;

 Non-destructive (lossless) test equipment; materials testing equipment

 Measuring and testing instruments and equipment
 Measuring equipment; measuring robot; mechanical measuring instruments; measurement systems, parts and accessories; computer numerical control equipment; a straight line, angle measuring instruments; special purpose measurement and test equipment; test equipment, spare parts; resistance meter; other physical data test apparatus

 Analytical instruments products
 Water, air, gas and material analysis systems and components; thickness measuring instruments

 Management consultant; services company; Press; system software and hardware

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