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Physics Teaching Resources

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"Middle School Physical Education Reference" magazine is the country director of the Ministry of Education, Shaanxi Normal University, organized by the Shaanxi Normal University Press Group's magazine publishing, secondary public offering for domestic and international physical education and teaching journals. Since founded in 1972, adhere to basic education services for the purpose of the magazine, highlighting the "scientific, intellectual, practical, oriented" characteristics, circulation journal has consistently ranked first in its kind. For the dissemination of advanced educational philosophy, teaching strategies and teaching model to promote high school physics curriculum reform and teacher professional level of overall improvement, through research and demonstration, this issue revised in 2006 to open for the International 16, part, content and form of comprehensive innovation. International Issues: ISSN 1002-218X Domestic Issues CN61-1033/G4 domestic Youfadaihao :52-31
 Physics Teaching Resources
 Title: high school physics teaching reference Physics Teaching In Middle School
 Sponsored by: Shaanxi Normal cycle: half-monthly publication to: Xi'an, Shaanxi Province Language: Chinese Folio: 16 open
 International Issues: ISSN 1002-218X Domestic Issues: CN 61-1033/G4 Youfadaihao 52-31 Year founded: 1972

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